How Fundraising Works

I'm Ready to Become a Fundraiser

Joining the CURE for IBD community is easy and flexible.

  • Setting up a personal campaign fundraising page is free for anyone of any age, and your page never expires.
  • There are no fundraising minimums, so you set your own fundraising goal. That means no risk and no pressure.
  • Make your page a lifetime page, a calendar year page, or set up a different page for each activity you do.
  • When you reach your goal, set a higher one and keep going!
  • Most importantly, YOU decide how you will fundraise.


Encourage others to set up fundraising pages, too. After all, it's free and there are no fundraising minimums. Imagine if only 5 of your closest friends and family became fundraisers, reached out to their contacts, and were able to raise just $500 each...

There is strength in numbers:
  • If 100 participants each raise $1,000 = $100,000 towards research
  • If 100 participants each recruit 5 people = 500 additional participants
  • If 500 additional participants each raise $500 = additional $250,000 towards research!

Just as important, this also extends IBD awareness one more level, potentially reaching HUNDREDS more people, all because of YOU. The impact of this could be enormous and could significantly increase the amount of research that can be funded, ultmately reducing the time it takes to find a cure.



No fundraising idea (or donation) is too small, or too big!

Wanna ride a tricycle around the block? Wanna climb Mount Everest? Whatever your passion, make everything you do an excuse to raise awareness and funds for IBD research. If you are looking for ideas, how about:

  • Lemonade Stand or Bake Sale
  • Endurance Events, Mud Runs, or Color Runs
  • Mitzvah Projects and Community Service Projects
  • Golf Outing or Bowling Event
  • Jewelry or Candle Parties
  • Tribute, Memorial, or Birthday/Holiday gift donations
  • Walk-a-thon, Skip-a-thon, or Jump-Rope-a-thon
  • Super Bowl Squares and March Madness Brackets
  • Poker Tournament or Bar Crawl
  • Casino Night or Gala Event