Why We're Different

Our focus: Funding research.

While other big-business charities pay tens of millions of dollars in salaries, we are completely volunteer. We have a focused mission to fund as much IBD research as possible. We want to accelerate the progress that has been made towards new therapies and cures for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Too many adults and children are suffering terribly from these diseases. Patients and families are desperate for answers, new treatment options, and a cure.

No fundraising idea is too small...and nobody is too young to help.

We want to empower everyone, including kids with their great ideas, to help raise funds and awareness of inflammatory bowel disease in whatever way they choose. Whether you can raise $10 selling lemonade or $10,000 completing an Ironman, we think it's awesome! Your CURE for IBD fundraising page can last as long as you wish, and there are never fundraising minimums or requirements. And when a cure is discovered, you'll feel good knowing that you were a part of finding it.

We don't pay personal event expenses.

When you tell people that you are fundraising for a cure, we take that very seriously. We don't want to use your donors' money (or your own donations) to pay your event expenses. We want every dollar that you raise to get into the hands of researchers, because every dollar gets us closer to new therapies and a cure.

Accelerating the pace of IBD research, one dollar at a time.

Crohn's and colitis research has made huge advances over the past several years, yet new diagnoses are increasing at an alarming rate. The situation is getting worse. Children are being affected at younger ages, sometimes before the age of 1, and symptoms are becoming more severe. Family and friends are still suffering, and loved ones are still being lost.

At CURE for IBD, we only fund research so that new treatments and cures will be available sooner. This is a critical time to act and hit these diseases with every possible resource, to get answers and find a cure for Crohn's and colitis once and for all.