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Welcome to my CURE for IBD personal fundraising page!

I will forever be raising money towards Crohn's and Colitis until a cure is found.  Christian, my 4 year old son, diagnosed before his 2nd birthday, spent much of his second year in excrutiating pain before his Crohn's diagnosis. For him, as well as many, the suffering doesn't end once diagnosed.  The current therapies and medicines can be as bad as the diseases. Luckily for Christian, enteral therapy every night for the last 2 years has kept him relatively healthier than most of his IBD peer group. However, I never thought I'd be thankful that my son has to stay healthy by having a permanent tube in his stomach that feeds him 80% of his nutrition while he sleeps attached to a machine. I want better for Christian.  A normal life without specialists, daily medicines and sleeping attached to equipment.  

I am proud to say that CURE for IBD only supports research so that cures can be found sooner.

I can't thank you enough for your support.  Your generosity brings hope for so many people who suffer from these diseases.

Thank you!

PS -  I would also like to invite you (or anyone you know) to consider setting up your own CURE for IBD fundraising page.  It's free and there are no age limits or fundraising requirements, so even kids can get involved in a charitable cause!  There is strength in numbers, and together, we can cure Inflammatory Bowel Disease!


The mission of CURE for IBD is to fund research towards new therapies and cures for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. CURE for IBD was founded by parents who have dedicated themselves to finding a cure for their children and everyone else living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. CURE for IBD does not pay any participant event or travel expenses, and only funds research with the goal of finding cures sooner.
Over 1.6 million Americans (1 in 200) are affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, insidious and debilitating diseases in which the immune system attacks the digestive system. These are life-long chronic conditions that often result in extended hospital stays and the need for multiple surgeries over a person's lifetime. Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, along with many of the medications used to manage IBD, lead to an increased risk of cancer and other conditions. Complications can be life-threatening or fatal.
Children are the fastest-growing population being diagnosed, sometimes before the age of 1, and their symptoms are often more severe.