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Thank you for taking the time to visit our fundraising page. 

Our journey continues with the usual twists and turns with storms always looming on the horizon. While Covid continued to ravish the world in 2020 Crohn’s gave us a long-needed break. 

The night thief was pushed back into the shadows, the sun that had quickly vanished returned with glistening fragments of light.
It is hard to believe the eruption of IBD that quickly exploded with harsh impact took years to settle. Actually, well over 5 years of constant struggle. From falling ill, to failing medicines, to additional diagnosis, to finally “managed” health. We danced in the sunlight, we celebrated our success, we returned to a new “normal”, and we closed out 2020 excited but quiet as others suffered from the Pandemic. Unfortunately, rain slowing closed in and we end 2021 with questions once again. Cassidy’s “managed” status has wavered like tides that crash onto shore to quickly recede. Cassidy will begin 2022 on crutches again impacted by a side effects of IBD but we have hope she will be dancing before long.
There is so little the world outside Inflammatory Bowel Disease understands. Cassidy was not just failure to thrive as a young child, her body was literally attacking everything on the inside as her being fought to survive. Cassidy does not just have Crohn’s, she has added a collection of IBD influenced auto-immune diseases including CRMO/CNO (chronically reoccurring multi-focal osteomyelitis), arthritis, induced psoriasis/alopecia and other inflammatory ‘itises. Cassi is one in well over a million where associated inflammatory diseases are her daily struggle.
Cassidy has been through a great deal but thanks to our amazing medical team avoided the worst. The level of our normal, even at the worst of times, is better than the best of times for others. We know to many who have suffered greater than most imagine. 

Cassidy along with thousands of other children are running out of medical treatment options. We need to continue to fund research, to search for a cure, so our children have a better tomorrow. Please consider supporting our Cure For IBD team where every penny is donated to our children’s’ future.

If you got this far – thank you for reading. We have sworn to fight IBD every day until there is a cure. Cassi continues to amaze us with her strength, courage, positivity, kindness, and love of life. She deserves better as do the other thousand of children we raise for. 

We are very proud to say that 100% of all donations Team Kassi receives will be allocated directly to IBD research.  CURE for IBD and Mt Sinai Icahn School will not use any of these funds for overhead, administrative, or event expenses.

We can't thank you enough for your support.  Your generosity brings hope for so many people, including us.

Thank you!

 Kyla Reicin 

The mission of CURE for IBD is to fund research towards new therapies and cures for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. CURE for IBD was founded by parents who have dedicated themselves to finding cures for their children and everyone else living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. CURE for IBD does not pay any participant event or travel expenses, and only funds research with the goal of finding cures sooner.

Over 1.6 million Americans (1 in 200) are affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, insidious and debilitating diseases in which the immune system attacks the digestive system. These are life-long chronic conditions that often result in extended hospital stays and the need for multiple surgeries over a person's lifetime. Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, along with many of the medications used to manage IBD, lead to an increased risk of cancer and other conditions. Complications can be life-threatening or fatal.

Children are the fastest-growing population being diagnosed, sometimes before the age of 1, and their symptoms are often more severe.