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Create a Personal Campaign Fundraising Page

Nothing tells a person how much you love them or care about them like taking action to help them. Imagine being able to tell someone with Crohn's or colitis that you just set up a fundraising page to help fund research towards a cure.

Build lasting memories with friends, pay it forward, and change the world.

Your fundraising page is your own personal campaign. Whether it's running a marathon, celebrating a birthday, honoring a loved one, or organizing a trivia night, you can make a difference by turning your activities into ways to help raise awareness and funds for IBD research.

Joining the CURE for IBD community is easy. Create a Personal Campaign in just a few steps:

  1. Create a page
    TIP 1:  To avoid being timed out (approx. 10 minutes), complete the registration process FIRST, then go back and edit/customize your page.
    TIP 2:  When it asks for a page alias, enter a short nick-name to go on the end of your personal link.
    Some examples: chris2017 or teamchris or cp2017 or chrisbikesforcures (you get the can be anything!)
  2. Set a goal and customize your campaign page.
  3. Spread the word and invite people to donate!

You have options for how you set up your page:

Multiply your impact.

Set up individual pages for each member of your family. Encourage other family and friends to set up their own fundraising pages. After all, it's free and there are no fundraising minimums. The more people involved, the more awareness we can spread, and the more funds we can raise. You can plan to do a local event together, join a CURE for IBD event, or whatever your heart desires. There is strength in numbers, and together, we will change lives and save lives.