Help find cures and save lives.

Build memories with friends, change the world,
and feel good doing it.


At CURE for IBD, we only fund research, because we want a cure sooner.


Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis affect 1.6 million Americans,
and millions more worldwide.
The effects can be devastating, and sometimes lives are lost.
Children are the fastest growing population being diagnosed,
sometimes before their first birthday.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease has no cure,
but research brings hope.


Become a fundraiser in the CURE for IBD community,
where paying it forward can be a social activity.

Become a fundraiser

When you become a CURE for IBD fundraiser, you decide how you fundraise and you set your own fundraising goals. Create a team with your friends, or join a CURE for IBD team at an event. Honor a loved one or have a bake sale. Turn your passion into your own creative fundraising campaign.


WE FIGHT for our children, our family, and our friends.
WE FUNDRAISE to support research.